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self-portrait, kingston, july 2014

contax 139q, ben smoking, 2014

mju ii, self-portrait, july 2014

another revolog 460nm from 2013, really need to get some more of this film <3

flying ~ taken on revolog 460nm, 2013

adventure scrapes, Ben in Berrylands, 2014

Zenit E, Karley at home, 2014

Anonymous inquired leanne, how important do you think instagram is for photographers (and film photographers) nowadays? And what if you had to choose between instagram and flickr right now?

Thats a great question. I think it’s important for photographers of any kind if thats the kind of following they want, I’ve seen some photographers on there with tens of thousands of ‘followers’ so it’s a huge platform to have your work seen in your viewers hands. At the minute I post more to instagram because of it’s quickness and the layout is nice and simple for the phone format. I havent enjoyed uploading to Flickr since the layout changed over a year ago, whoever designed it and keeps making it worse really needs to stop and re-think their career. It’s lost the community feel and most of the people I followed on there have stopped using it which is a shame.

Anonymous inquired Hi, i saw that you are using a zenit e. May I know what lens are you using with that camera? Your pictures are lovely, looking forward to more of your works! X

Thank you, I just use the standard lens I found it with. Its a Helios 44mm and it’s pretty dreamy!

mju ii, self-portrait, april 2014

Zenit E, Self-Portrait, 2014

sneaking polaroids in an art gallery, Amsterdam, June 2014

easy living, Amsterdam, June 2014