This old Impossible film has been in my Spectra for a loooong time, need to get back into shooting with it, I miss it.

Shot today, self-portrait.

Zenit E, Hands, 2014

Part of my project for Boys / Girls On Film Zine -

Self-Portrait, September 2014

Yashica Electro, Self-Portrait, 2013

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I have original limited edition 16x12” prints of this self-portrait on sale in my etsy shop! Reduced in price & comes with little surprise extras!

Peter Liversidge at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Taking over Feature Shoot’s instagram for the weekend - follow us!

Feature Shoot instagram takeover at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

See it here!

Taking over Feature Shoot’s instagram for the weekend, visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park too.

See my takeover here!

The end of Summer, Yashica Mat, 2014

Dreaming in Bushy Park, London 2014

Last frame - Zenit E, Ben 2014

New collaboration with Ben Giles up on my site!

I have some work on video this weekend in The Polaroid Show at Doomed Gallery!

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New series ‘Coming Home’ up on my website! Click!